Thursday, 13 October 2016

Wildlife of India

India is one of the favourite destinations for wildlife lovers as the country is a habitat of many beautiful species that anyone would love to see. Many explorers, researchers, photographers and reporters visit India every year, to be a spectator of the rich wildlife found in India. India has a rich pool of wildlife species that comprises some of the most endangered species as well which includes Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros, Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Lion, Lion Tailed Macaque, Snow Leopard and many more.

These species have their habitats specific to their nature and geographical conditions and due to their decreasing numbers the Indian Government has provided them proper protection in the form of forest reserves and national parks. 

While designing a trip at RD India Tours, we like to gain the interest of the travellers so that we can cover all the major wildlife sites and we also ensure that they get the maximum knowledge about the specific wildlife tour they pick and of course keeping their safety as our first priority.

Ancient legends and some distinct instincts of some of these animals make them more unique such as the Tigers of Sunderban National Park were famous as the man eating tigers of India as there were reportedly 50 killings every year by these tigers till 1983. 

Another reserve of India Bengal Tiger is “The Jim Corbett National Park” which is situated near the sub Himalayan range. Named after an English Hunter and Tracker James Edward Corbett, Jim Corbett national park is amongst the most liked wildlife destinations of India. Despite being rich in flora and fauna, this national park has a beautiful atmosphere and picturesque scenic beauty as the river Ganga flows besides the beautiful resorts in national park.

Majestic Asiatic lion (Pantheraleopersica) is another attraction for the wild life lovers in India as we have one of the oldest sanctuaries in Gujarat (Gir National Park) where we can see this amazing animal roaring and walking like a king of the Jungle. Gujarat is also a place where we have some rare and beautiful species of birds that always increases the eagerness of every bird watcher. Despite the instincts and nature of these wildlife animals we find India, there’s another thing that adds some degrees to the beauty of these animals that is “the involvement of these animals in Indian culture”. For example most of the temples of Southern Indian State Kerala own Elephants and they are beautifully decorated during Elephant Festival. Then there are involvements of many Indian animals in the Hindu mythological tales and legends. These animals are worshiped just like Indians worship the rivers, trees and even stones.

Travellers all over the world love to see such a great connection between mankind and wild animals and thus the Indian wildlife becomes one of their wildlife destination and at RD India Tours, we believe in making your tour memorable in all the possible ways.

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